What this is:

  • The title of the newsletter: The overarching themes found in this newsletter are liberty, autonomy, and freedom. Most of the time these things are best sought after and discovered through large-scale spontaneous order, or, emergent order. This is not to say, however, that natural hierarchies and structures need not and should not exist. They should and they will. But it is my belief that these entities are also best-served when freedom allows for them to emerge as opposed to them being imposed.

  • The posts: A heavy dose of political essays and commentaries. Added in will be some personal growth and self-education pieces, book plugs and reviews, and short stories and flash fiction.  

    At the beginning of the newsletter are posts called “clusters.” These are posts containing combinations of the categories above but in shorter forms. I’ve mostly moved away from these, but you may still see them from time to time

  • The apparent divergence from the spirit of the title: You may be wondering how writing short stories relates to the overall theme of liberty, autonomy, and freedom. Well, most of the short stories will relate and you’ll see how once you’ve read them.

    (Note: you may also notice that my first two “clusters” included some sports commentary. I’ve mostly decided to move away from that genre in this space, except in the case of sports-themed book reviews and plugs that I can relate to personal growth and self-education.)

  • What would be great: Obviously I think it’d be great if you became a consistent reader of the newsletter. Sharing with others and providing feedback would also be greatly appreciated — even if the feedback is a little on the negative side!

    Happy Reading!

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