"Don't just do something, stand there."

Advice that makes sense the more progressivism progresses

When I first heard the post’s title offered as a piece of advice by rightwing writer Curtis Yarvin, I sort of understood what he was saying the moment I first heard it, but I at the same time wasn’t sure that I understood completely, or that I necessarily agreed. The advice was given when the interviewer asked Yarvin what sort of advice he would give to young people, especially those who consider themselves to be a part of the dissident right. 

We’ve all of course heard of the fight or flight psychological reaction that occurs within people when faced with certain confrontational situations. Many of us would probably define ourselves as either fight or flight by further situating the situation; we say we’re fight in one area of our lives and flight in another. 

When it comes to politics, for me personally, there’s certainly an instinct that has a desire to fight, and I assume that’s probably come across in some of my writing — better and smarter fighting being my intended goal. I’ve got some flight in me as well though; most commonly shown when I advocate for increased decentralization, or even secession. 

But what of just standing there? How would that be different from fight or flight? Well, I think I’ve actually come across some examples.

A few weeks ago the Golden Globes were canceled for 2022. I’ve never watched the Golden Globes in its entirety and the most I’ve ever seen from the event are shared clips on social media. And yet, when I saw that it was trending, I knew that the cancellation almost certainly had to do with some sort of diversity issue. 

Sure enough, despite most of the clips I have seen on social media being social justice pandering celebrity speeches, the Golden Globes is apparently still not diverse enough, and therefore, they had to be canceled. 

So then what should people do with this news? Should we say that it’s ridiculous and rhetorically ask how far this sort of behavior is going to go? We could do that, but that’s already been going on and no positive results have been gained. Maybe, then, we should take the news in stride and, to put it simply, “just stand there.” 

It’s not fighting and it’s not fleeing. Basically it’s doing nothing. I would argue, however, that doing nothing in this instance is doing the most damage to the social justice cause. Why? Because the cancellation may very well be a form of leftist culture self-destruction. And since, in this case, self-destruction is occurring within Hollywood, an entity that’s done much to further the Woke disease that dominates our culture today, then we should not only enable it by “standing there,” we should also stand back and observe it as a positive development. 

Other examples in entertainment can be seen, as well as another in higher academia. 

In entertainment, late night “comedians” such as Stephen Colbert spent the last four years revolving their entire schtick around criticizing/mocking president Trump. And yet now that Trump is gone, they still can’t let it go; Colbert refuses to say Trump’s name and even did a bit where he had people send in their ideas for what they think He Who Shall Not Be Named’s nickname should be. This too appears to be a form of self-destruction. And we should simply stand by and allow this sort of “comedy” — and its purveyors — to rot away into oblivion. 

As for the example in higher academia, conservatives have begun lamenting the fact that the Asian community is openly being discriminated against when it comes to college admission (they are), this being part of their reaction to the “stop Asian hate” mantra the left recently began parroting. 

But we’ve seen how “but the democrats are the real racists” retort has worked in the past. It hasn’t. So instead of fighting accusations of discrimination with more accusations of discrimination, instead we should stand back and observe as the Asian community realizes themselves that higher education is discriminating against them and stand by and watch as they revolt against the leftist culture that allowed, or even forced, it’s existence. 

Now you might be thinking that the self-destruction of things that have created some of the more negative aspects of today’s society is all well and good, while also still wondering if “standing there” is necessarily the best of advice. The short answer to that begins by asking oneself if a reaction could potentially lead to counterproductive results. If so, then yes, it is good advice. 

However, just as one’s fight or flight response often depends on circumstance and situation, this is also true of “standing.” Because while it might be important to simply allow the left to self-destruct, it’s even more important that behind the scenes the building and creating of our own systems, organisms and culture is occurring. So as the erosion persists, what we’ve built and created is also standing there, ready to first subvert and then supplant.