The Solution Isn’t a "Libertarian Moment”

distilling chaos requires order

Left is Chaos, Right is Order. By simply looking around it’s not hard to observe that the left owns every major institution in the US. Subsequently, they own the culture. Therefore: our country is in a chaotic state and not much of an argument can be made against such a claim.

Libertarians believe that they possess the philosophy that carries with it the solution to our chaotic world. I used to subscribe to the belief myself. Now I don’t. The answer to chaos is order, and order is only being proposed by folks who label themselves as rightwing over libertarian.

If you’re someone who’s a proponent of open borders, or even of free flowing, non-restrictive immigration, then you’re a part of the problem and not the solution. Even if you hate your landlord (government), you don’t get back at him by flooding your living space with uninvited guests.

If you’re someone who goes on and on about ending the drug war while not adding in that you want fewer people to do drugs — for the good of the family whose dad may not be in prison now but still won’t be present within the home, then you’re a part of the problem and not the solution.

If you’re someone who either doesn’t believe the culture war exists, thinks it’s silly, or believes it exists but thinks, “free trade with China is beneficial to our society because they make good products,” then you’re a part of the problem and not the solution.

If you’re someone who believes in social libertinism, the idea that “people can do what they want so long as they don’t harm others,” then you’re part of the problem and not the solution, because libertinism — such as promoting sexual degeneracy — does hurt others because it harms children and is an assault on nature.

Libertarians can and will dance around these issues as well as provide squishy counterarguments, ones that only exist within their own heads and not in real life. But in real life, it’s becoming more evident that libertarians as currently constructed creating a greater libertarian presence will only increase the chaos, not diminish it.

Order is the solution, and order comes from constructing borders in all aspects of life, as well as can be discovered within the formulation of natural hierarchies: elites who get to where they are through their abilities, merit, and character, and not through fake means such as affirmative action, systematized equity, or bureaucracy — all conventions of the left.

What we need more of are not more people religiously believing in capital “L” liberty, but rather folks who put into practice qualities and characteristics that bring about order, borders, and natural hierarchies. Beginning with this: striving to become natural elites through being responsible (not fake “medical responsibilities”) to family first, then community. Until that happens, chaos will persist.